Chapter 78 – Martial Chief

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The sound of arrows slicing through wind comes from behind us.

Our current position is the plaza of the tiny ruined village. There is nothing nearby that can be used as cover, and the closest building is more than 10 meters away.

On top of which, we don’t know where the shooters are lurking.

Actually no, scratch that, I just caught glimpses of quickly moving silhouettes among the burned buildings surrounding the plaza.

After hearing Leiha’s report, it took slightly less than an hour for us to get here. More than enough time for these attackers to lay down an ambush.

Along with relief that I had cast protective spells on Elizabel and Fablu beforehand comes regret that my insight had still been too naive.

But now is no time to dwell on that.



Six human figures jump out from the surrounding covered areas and buildings, shouting eccentric war cries.

Leather and fur armor, handaxes and spears in their hands.

With expressions filled with rage, they……

“They are soldiers from the Shulz tribe!”

“They’re humans! Do not kill them!”

Before Elizabel’s shout, which had been almost a scream, and my instructions, everyone else had already begun moving.

“{Wind Wall}!”

Claura raises her staff and envelopes us in a barrier of wind to protect us from the arrows.

Ted raises his shield, and even the frightened new soldiers take up formation. Their formation is to surround and protect Elizabel, Claura, and Fablu.

Leiha has a dagger in either hand that I do not know whether to describe as dangerous or ominous and is covering me.

Finally, Leid is brandishing his greatsword, stepping in to close the distance to the enemy warriors.


I’m not sure if he heard my shout, but Leid uses the flat of his sword to sweep out the legs of the warrior in front. He is blown away as if a mine had gone off under his feet, then crashes against the ground.



Without stopping, his greatsword continues rotating, smashing into the second warriors’s head and the third warrior’s torso, taking them out of action with only a single hit each.

The combination of Leid’s gigantic body and the length of his greatsword gives him greater reach than even spears, so the warriors are all blown away before being able to get near him.

While noting the terrifying battle prowess of a War Tribe member out of the corner of my eye, I myself select the spell that I should use in this situation.

Claura’s magic will not last much longer. Let’s first shore up our defense against projectiles.

“Leiha! Protect me for 10 seconds!”

“As you command.”

Fablu and Elizabel and Claura are surrounded and protected by Ted and the three soldiers, which might be why they are being left for later as I see no arrows flying in their direction. Only after confirming that did I give my instruction to Leiha.

Leiha adopts a low stance and charges towards the several warriors heading for me. Her figure is like a black panther that has been freed from its chains.

“You Dark Elf!”


Axe and spear are thrust towards Leiha’s position, but the split second before they land, her tanned body is flying in midair.

For the warriors, it might have seemed like she had just disappeared in thin air.



I think the modern name for it is flying back spin kick.

Her beautifully extended heel smashes into the chin of a warrior holding an axe. The warrior next to him finally reacts to her movements and try to bring his spear to bear, but Leiha effortlessly steps within the range of his spear and unleashes a front kick.


The warrior whose crotch was kicked with full force immediately follows his partner to the ground.

The remaining warriors also thrust and slice and swing their weapons, but they cannot keep up with Leiha’s movements, as she doesn’t stay in the same place for even a moment.

In return, they are rendered powerless one by one with strikes to their throat or crotch, or accurate cuts on their hands and legs.

I had felt a tinge of worry at giving the ‘no killing’ order despite the other side coming with full intent to kill, but it seems that my companions have more than sufficient ability to make that happen.

Aside from a true self-defense situation where “we will be killed if we do not kill,” I want to try my best to not kill any humans.

“Alright, to my side NOW!”

The moment the Inner World me releases the energy of chaos, I shout towards Leid and Leiha.

They each kick or blow away their respective opponent, then leap back to stand before me like a wall.

“By means of this spell, may there be a dome of force to protect us. [Wall of Force]”

Right after I finish chanting, a transparent force field in the shape of a dome surrounds us.

“You think you can get awaGUH.”

Seeing the falling arrows bounce off the dome, Claura lowers her staff and breathes out a sigh.

The warriors pursuing Leid and Leiha also smash full force into the dome, then bounce right back off.

“I was almost in danger of running out of magic power……”

It would be stupid to be trapped inside my own force field, so I’d actually opened up a certain part. But well, the whole construct is invisible, so there’s no way for the other side to tell.

“Thank you you two, that was an enormous help.”


“I am thankful for your commendation…… However, it was my failure to do my job as a scout properly that got us into this situation. I am deeply sorry.”

“No, don’t take it to mind……”

While soothing Leiha, who is prostrating herself, I look around at the surrounding warriors…… at the Shulz tribe members.

After knocking on the force field and shooting a few arrows at it, they’ve understood that it cannot be destroyed, and thus taken to spreading out to surround us.

“Goodness, I wonder if we can even make proper conversation with them……”

“Their aim is me…… I think. What are we going to do?”

Elizabel looks up at me with an ashen face.

If I remember right, the Shulz tribe were the original inhabitants of Filsand, but were chased off by the army of the current Duke of Filsand. And up to this day, they are still throwing attacks against Filsand, and Elizabel’s eldest stepbrother was killed while fighting against them.

As expected, there is strong hatred in Elizabel’s eyes as she looks at them.

“…… For now, let’s try to talk to them. Nothing else can start otherwise.”


At that moment, the warriors surrounding us part left and right, revealing a person wearing equipment extravagant enough to identify them as the leader.

Armor decorated with white pelt, longsword at the waist. But what draws my attention……

“I am the Martial Chief of the Shulz, Dianu! There is a guy name Gio among your party, right?! Gio Margils! Give him to us and we’ll let the rest of you off!”

This ‘Martial Chief’ person turns out to be a silver-haired young girl with her hair cut short.

However, those red eyes and facial structure…… Aside from the color of her hair and skin, she is almost a living resemblance of the Elizabel that I am currently protecting.

“Wait a second! Why on earth does Margils’ name come up here?!”


Occupied with comparing the two young girls with opposing atmospheres, I finally realize the other thing to be surprised about only when Claura says it out loud.

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