Apologies (Again) and Confession

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Yep, went on hiatus again. Boy, sure burned out quickly that time.

So, lesson learned: I am shit with commitments.

So no more schedules from now on, no promises, I’ll just release whenever I want to release.

But as Claudius says, “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions”. I’ll be honest, I’m kind of bored of TRPG. I’m not ready to shelf it completely yet, but it’ll be on the back burner for a while.

I’m really sorry guys.

Thank you for all your support up to now.

But in the meantime, I’ve had my heart stolen by another series, so to speak. If misunderstanding comedies are your cup of tea, check it out when you have time.

Chapter 105 (start of new volume!) is up – and scheduling update

So, after trying it out this weekend, I’ve realized that 5 chapters is my limit for a weekend. Sorry about getting your hopes up. So the new schedule is a chapter every day during the week days, then no releases on Saturdays and Sundays.

Oh, but on Saturday 10am GMT+8 I’ll release all the PDF/ePUB downloads of that previous week’s releases, so those of you who prefer those can look out for that.

Here’s today’s release: https://tenshihonyakusha.wordpress.com/trpg/trpg-ch-103/

It’s the start of a new volume! Start getting geared up!

Oh, and for those of you who are sharp-eyed enough to notice that I’ve skipped a chapter number, it’s because chapter 104 was supposed to be a character review chapter. It’s basically just a brief summary on all the main characters who’ve shown up so far. So I’m leaving it on the back burner, maybe I’ll work on it during Chinese New Year when I have more free time.

Also a heads up warning: I just learned that Final Fantasy XV is being released on the PC on March 6. There is a very real chance that I might disappear when that time comes. I hope I would have enough self control to continue this while playing FF15, but, well, I have a track record already ^^” We’ll see, we’ll see.

Scheduling from now on

OK first of all, I’ve officially updated the series’ name per the author’s update.

The Wizard Raised Through TRPG is Still the Strongest in the Other World
マジックユーザー TRPGで育てた魔法使いは異世界でも最強だった。

So I’m not calling it MayoJou anymore, just straight out calling it TRPG.

So then, scheduling.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get in touch with RandomTL, so I’ll just forge on ahead.

From now on, this is the way I’m gonna do this. The weekends is when I can sit down and do a whole bunch of chapters, but I prefer to release a chapter a day so y’all can have fun in the comments. So I’ll aim to translate 7 chapters each weekend, and schedule releases for 10am GMT+10 every day (I was so happy when I discovered the Scheduled Release function on WordPress). So at 10am the chapter will be up, and also a notification blog post will be up. But since I can’t also schedule to change the sharing status of files on Google Drive, I’m afraid the chapter downloads (PDF and ePUB) will only be made available all at once in the next weekend.

I’m doing it this way to prevent myself from burning out, thus hopefully I’ll be around for longer this time around. Just think of it as an anime series you like suddenly having a 2nd season. 🙂

So anyways yea, I’ll be starting next weekend, so you guys can expect steady releases starting next Monday. For a while. 😛