The Wizard Raised Through TRPG is Still the Strongest in the Other World

マジックユーザー TRPGで育てた魔法使いは異世界でも最強だった。

Author: Mikawa Souhei (三河 宗平)

5hJqLSmThe protagonist was reincarnated in another world as the max level Wizard character that he used in the classical TRPG Dungeons and Braves. However, this other world is under threat by the natural enemies of all races, the Shadow Demons. Together with many allies, including an energetic merchant’s daughter, a high-handed beautiful magician, a intelligent adventurer, and a female dark elf, the protagonist decides to protect the world from the Shadow Demons. This story is a nation-founding epic set in a fantasy world where the middle-aged protagonist, though given a cheat but is full of weaknesses, though surrounded by beautiful girls and women but cannot lay hands on them, somehow proceeds down the path of forging history while spending every day clutching his head at the contrast of the other world’s and his own common sense.

~ the translated excerpt from Syosetu

NOTE: This series used to be called “The Chronicles of a Lost Man in His Forties Founding a Nation ~Commonsense is Hindering Me From Becoming TUEE~ (迷える四十路男の建国記 ~常識が邪魔で俺TUEEできない~)”.

The raws can be found on Syosetu.
All chapters I release can be downloaded here.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Chapter 1: Character Creation
Chapter 2: Hot Start
Chapter 3: Spell Archive
Chapter 4: “What will you do next?”
Chapter 5: Searching the Fort
Chapter 6: With the Iron Bars in Between
Chapter 7: Mora’s Circumstances
Chapter 8: Adventurers
Chapter 9: Shadow Demons
Chapter 10: The Strongest Attack Spell
Chapter 11: About This World
Chapter 12: Yuule Village
Chapter 13: Mask of a Great Wizard
Chapter 14: Magic Board
Chapter 15: White Sword Castle
Chapter 16: The Carbanera Siblings
Chapter 17: The Melancholy of the Knights
Chapter 18: Real Combat Practice
Chapter 19: The Subjugation Force
Chapter 20: Infiltration
Chapter 21: [Nest]
Chapter 22: 10 Second Interval
Chapter 23: Father
Chapter 24: My Yearned-for Home of My Own
Chapter 25: My Yearned-for Home of My Own ~Dream and Reality~
Chapter 26: Character Sheet
Chapter 27: Off to Lelis
Chapter 28: Mora & Claura

Volume 2

Chapter 29: At the Magician Guild
Chapter 30: Experiment
Chapter 31: Magic Soldiers
Chapter 32: Senjoumai
Chapter 33: To-Do List
Chapter 34: Visualizing My Work
Chapter 35: Magic Soldier Training Facility
Chapter 36: Young Boys and Girls
Chapter 37: Golem
Chapter 38: The Fog of Malice (Part 1)
Chapter 39: The Fog of Malice (Part 2)
Chapter 40: The Fog of Malice (Part 3)
Chapter 41: Demonists
Chapter 42: Adventurer’s Guild
Chapter 43: Human Wave Tactic vs. Dark Elves
Chapter 44: Head of Assassins
Chapter 45: Lord of Wanderers
Chapter 46: One Who Serves
Chapter 47: Towards the Source of the Fog
Chapter 48: The Lifting of the Fog (Part 1)
Chapter 49: The Lifting of the Fog (Part 2)
Chapter 50: After the Fog
Chapter 51: Steward and Main and Assassin
Chapter 52: Adviser and Student and Adventurer
Chapter 53: Return
Chapter 54: Starting with Wei
Chapter 55: The Road Passes Through

Volume 3

Chapter 56: Domain Inspection Tour (Part 1)
Chapter 57: Domain Inspection Tour (Part 2)
Chapter 58: Unexpected Encounter with the War Tribe
Chapter 59: Omen
Chapter 60: Focal Point
Chapter 61: Outcome of the Trial
Chapter 62: Letter to the North
Chapter 63: The Castle’s Guests
Chapter 64: The Wizard’s and Dwarf’s City Planning
Chapter 65: Mora’s Fight
Chapter 66: Goddess of Winter
Chapter 67: Jiiteias Castle – Development
Chapter 68: Super Gigantic Dwarf of the Wilderness
Chapter 69: The Miraculous Battleaxe Village

Volume 4

Chapter 70: The Young Girl of Stars and Sword
Chapter 71: Entrance of the Tunnel
Chapter 72: The Duke’s Daughter
Chapter 73: Schrödinger’s Young Lady
Chapter 74: Alliance Bound in Blood
Chapter 75: Lie vs. Lie
Chapter 76: Night With My Bethrothed
Chapter 77: Ruined Village
Chapter 78: Martial Chief
Chapter 79: Divine Sword
Chapter 80: One on One Duel
Chapter 81: Princess of the Shulz (Part 1)
Chapter 82: Princess of the Shulz (Part 2)
Chapter 83: After the Duel
Chapter 84: Same Face, Separate Paths
Chapter 85: The Duke of Filsand
Chapter 86: Audience with the Duke (Inner Voice Included)
Chapter 87: Reflected Self
Chapter 88: Dialogue with “My Bad Self”
Chapter 89: The Second Condition
Chapter 90: Defense of Filsand (Part 1)
Chapter 91: Defense of Filsand (Part 2)
Chapter 92: Defence of Filsand (Part 3)
Chapter 93: The Elder Brother’s Story
Chapter 94: The Younger Brother’s Warning
Chapter 95: The Job of Giving Hope
Chapter 96: Defense of Filsand (Part 4)
Chapter 97: Defense of Filsand (Part 5)
Chapter 98: Interrogation
Chapter 99: That Which Lurks Within