All good times come to an end……but all ends are also beginnings of something else

Hey there all you awesome people.

To all of you who were here from before the 10 month hiatus, I offer you my deepest apologies.

I am the very abrupt kind of burnout-er (as is plain to see), the kind who just abruptly disappears off the face of the earth. And when I come back, I always come back with apologies.

I admit that this is a problem, but this is something for me to work out.
All I can do for now is offer my apologies, then move on.

As I’m sure many of you know by now, I have signed with J-Novel Club.
For those who didn’t know, this would be my official announcement, I suppose.
Now, that means several things:
1. I can’t continue as a fan translator anymore.
2. That’s pretty much the biggest reason why I’m changing my name to Taishi and (for lack of a better way of putting it) washing my hands of this site (and its related spaces, such as the Discord server).
3. I can proudly call myself an actual LN translator now (this is pretty big for me personally, it’s always been a dream of mine).
4. Unfortunately, Shadows is published by Kadokawa, and that’s pretty much entirely Yen territory ^^”
5. What I can do is……….Secret Organization!!!

That’s kinda the peace offering I’m bringing though, it’d be super rude to the series to call it a mere peace offering.

This series is chuuni like Shadows AND is self-aware/meta like Deadpool.
And now I have an amazing editor who is an enormous help with making the translation that much better.
Releases are usually 1 per week, but as a treat, Part 1 and 2 will be coming out within a week of each other!

And while I’m promoting stuff, I’ve also just finished up Vol 1 of a series called Middle-Aged Businessman, Arise in Another World! アラフォー営業マン、異世界に起つ! ~女神パワーで人生二度目の成り上がり~ on JNC, with Vol 2 on the way soon!

This one is an isekai transmigration one. But as I hope all you guys know by now, I only go for series with an interesting twist. The twist in this one is that 1) OP is in his forties and transmigrated over with his whole family (so no teenage angst and no harems) and 2) OP is OP, but opts instead to use marketing strategies to musou in an economic way lol.

I would love it if you guys could follow me over to JNC. Not for me (I’m not worth the $5/month lol), but for these two and soooooo many more amazing light novels on there.
(And if I can be honest, they drive a faster pace than I drove myself when I was doing fan translations on this site 😅 In other words, that means very brisk progress through books.)

Well alright that’s it for the advertisements. I will be setting up a new website and a new Discord server over the weekend, which I will announce on here also. I won’t be able to respond as much as before (cus I’m too busy translating!), especially on Discord, cus the msgs fly by like mad and then there are like pages to read by the time I check, but I’ll do my best to keep channels open (especially open to pointers about typos and mistakes). It’s my hope that you guys like them as places to mess around and be silly like you did for here (true story, for me, reading the comments was the best part of doing the fan translations hahaha).

9 thoughts on “All good times come to an end……but all ends are also beginnings of something else

    • So i read the buisness novel. If u asl me its about as harem as ot gets lols. Really softcore but still. At least 5 if wife is included.


  1. It’s good to see that you’re well but… I still don’t get what will happen here. Isn’t Secret Organization being translated by Rosie lately?


    • It’s fine for it to have two or 3 people working on a chapter. The SSSR chapter for secret organization was translated by cool nicknames and mabbo and Rosie. They can do it why can’t taishi.


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