The Great Revelation of 100

Hear ye, hear ye, for Tenshi-sama has given unto us a Great Revelation!

Alright, putting aside the role playing for a bit here. (This post will be long, so buckle up.)

Taking opportunity of reaching chapter 100 on To Be a Power in the Shadows!, I feel like it’s an appropriate time to introduce some big changes on here.

(I am really, really uncertain about it and really, really hoping that this isn’t a mistake and that I’m not over-reaching. All fingers and all toes crossed. Oh man, my nerves.)

Firstly, I am adding a Discord channel. Seeing how much fun you guys have in the comments (which I absolutely love, btw), I thought maybe it would be a good idea to have a more permanent place for all the speculating and discussing (and gif-ing and worshiping). Here’s the invite, I’ve also posted it on the side of the homepage as well. (I couldn’t get the Discord pre-made widget to work cus I’m not particularly bright at coding and doesn’t allow the ‘iframe’ tag, wtv that means.) Sorry to EROgeX~ and Lkjfdsay1 yesterday if I came across a little bit mean, there was only 1 day to go until I’m launching one personally! Thanks for bringing it up, and here you go =D

Secondly, I am going to do a test stream on Twitch this  Sunday, 02 Sep 10:30am GMT+8 (exactly 2 days after this announcement post).  I will be translating a chapter live (the next chapter, actually, after that day’s release). The point is I will be going through the text sentence by sentence, reading the Japanese out loud, then explaining the nuances and considerations behind my English word choice as I translate it. If I do it well, I’m hoping it would prove helpful and perhaps even educational for those of you who are learning Japanese or may be thinking about taking up translating yourself. Depending on how it goes, I might continue it regularly. But for now, I only have the one session planned, so please do come and let’s hang out together!

Lastly, and this is the most major part (and the part I am feeling suuuper unsure about) is that I have set up a Patreon page. I’ve been saying all along how I’m only doing this as a hobby and that I don’t intend to take money for it, but real life sucks and I can really do with some support for what I love doing. And I’d also love to do more of what I love doing. So yea…… if you ever feel like it, drop me a buck or two on here, I’d love you all the more for it! But it’s entirely optional, I’ll be here translating regardless. (The way to make a one-time donation is to cancel your membership after the first billing, which I’ve set to the beginning of each month. Just in case you’re leery of commitment, like me. I’d understand.)

28 thoughts on “The Great Revelation of 100

  1. Did you realize el psy something has changed?
    Moreover recording your voice? Then we finally will know your real gender…
    I wonder which is true ‘there are no girl in web’ or revelation that tenshi is female

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just realized… since it said “El. Psy. Kongroo,” I’m assuming it’s a reference to Steins;Gate; however, the only one other than the MC who said it was… RUKA! So, depending on the world line, that could mean Tenshi-Sama is a trap or an actual girl. However….
      “Gender makes no difference, the holy lands are the holy lands… Unless you are one of those that dare to lewdify the holy lands. In that case, *takes out guide to rules of Church of Tenshi(-Sama)*
      It says you’re a HERETIC” — Lkjfdsay1, Pope (self-proclaimed) of the Church of Tenshi(-Sama)

      The words of a wise one *nods sagely*


  2. Me when I realize Tenshi-Sama is allowing donations: “DON’T STOP ME!! I MUST DO THIS!!!”
    *runs headfirst into the wall labeled ‘You don’t have a credit card yet you damn teen.*
    I’m unworthy to be the Pope (self-proclaimed) of the Church of Tenshi(-Sama)…
    I will find a way to donate, just you wait!

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  3. I’m always wary of translators adding a patreon but you seem to have the right mindset about it so I wish you the best. I’ve been try to learn Japanese and I think that you are one of the best wn translators so I really look forward to the livestream.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you very much for the acknowledgement! I’ll work (relatively) hard to meet your expectations 😛 Hope you learn something from the stream, it’d be a great honor!


  4. Yay! Patreon!

    I mean, i am not going to donate because im a dirty lowly leech but great novels always benefit from donations so im looking forward to it

    So im a leech leching from tights (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    Also, another way to increase the donations is to join a bigger translation group, i dont know if Wuxiaworld would accept this as they do not japanesse stuff, but maybe Gravitytales?
    hey guys, do you know a group that Tenshi can join in?

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