Power in the Shadows shall resume shortly!

Great news!

As many people have been nice enough to inform me, Volume 5 of To Be a Power in the Shadows! has officially been finished.

So we will resume starting next Monday! Upload time will be same as before, 10am GMT+8 sharp, one chapter per day. Downloads will be made available on Sundays now, not Saturdays.

Looking forward to seeing all you wonderful people again!

I will attempt one chapter of Megami and one chapter of Shadows everyday, but I’ll probably fail. In that case, I will prioritize Shadows. Sincere apologies to those who visit my site only for Megami.

27 thoughts on “Power in the Shadows shall resume shortly!

  1. I think alternating the chapter like before the hiatus is better in term of pacing the translation

    Well, time to binge read megami since I’ve been stockpiling chapter since ch 15


  2. And from the depth of hell (trying to find a new story to read) I rise, so that I may once again claim my rightful place on the throne (comment section of Shadow). No longer will we be oppressed! No longer shall we wait! … *whisper* … wait, you mean to say that we still have to wait till Monday?… *wisper*… alright fine… For only a few more days shall we wait! To victory!




  4. Hahahaha its finally back

    24 hrs left before the shadows arrive HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Better go back to work haaah………


  5. Hello, just wanted to mention here that your Volume 1 for Power in the Shadows is missing chapter 20, at least for the PDF version. I checked the EPUB version and it seems to be present.


  6. Hello Shadow my old friend
    I will see you soon!
    And right after the Cliff…


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