Chapter 92 – Defense of Filsand (Part 3)

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Even though the Legion is almost upon them, the steps of the thoroughly exhausted refugees are heavy.

In contrast, the pursuing Shadow Demons are dashing at full speed to the point of stepping on their own companions while raising piercing shrieks.

The Shadow Demons must have just spotted the refugees.

…… Seems we barely made it in time.



Probably for the sake of chasing the refugees, the composition of this Legion is mostly Small Demons.

Small stature of about 1.5m, jet-black bodies like as if they had been painted head to toe with tar, and large eyeballs glittering with hatred. As I had remembered, they are far more repulsive than any villain I’ve ever seen before.

There are roughly 500 to a thousand Small Demons, brandishing crude wooden spears, stone axes, or rusted swords.

The refugees are too close for me to use [Meteor], but casualties would show up if I waste time picking them off with spells with low firepower.

“…… Dianu, I will now return you to your people. Make sure they do not disperse under any circumstances, and head straight towards Filsand.”

“Tsk. I know it already!”

On our way here, I’ve already explained the situation to this Shulz princess. She nods even while clicking her tongue.

“Leid! We’ll head for the tail of the line and engage the Shadow Demons!”


“…… Gonna die, gonna die, I don’t wanna die……”

Leid has a small ball on one hand, which he looks at first before nodding.

It’s that Sight Demon that is composed of sealed Shadow Demon blood that would react to nearby Shadow Demon presence. The ball that is supposed to be almost transparent is now glowing red.

Agbeil-kun…… he’s clinging onto the Phantom Horse with a completely pale face, so I don’t think he’ll get in the way.

“So why?”


As I’m heading towards the head of the line and getting ready to land, Dianu suddenly shouts out while still clinging onto my waist.

“Why are you helping us?! You don’t stand to gain anything from doing this, right?! I mean, not that I’m not grateful, though.”

The same question that her cousin had asked. Is this also due to their blood connection? The muttered thanks added to the end means she’s the more honest one, though.

However, I’m afraid I don’t have time to give her a proper reply.

The Shulz tribe has noticed us approaching from above and are confusedly pointing towards us and shouting things.

I land beside the old man seemingly leading the refugees, and give her a quick answer.

“Children shouldn’t be talking about loss and gain. I’d just feel bad if I didn’t save what I could have saved.”

“Owah?! …… Bastard!”

There is no time to land properly and explain everything at length. I let her off the horse in an almost throwing action, at which she nimbly lands like a cat before starting to run next to the old man.

“H-, Hime-sama!”

“So you were safe!”

“The fort…… the fort!”

“I leave the rest to you. Don’t take your time!” (Gio)

With that, I leave Dianu encircled by the nearby Shulz and showered with questions as I turn the Phantom Horse’s neck back.


Aaaaaan! Aaaaaan!”

“Uwaaah, h-, help!!!!!”

I fly along the line in the opposite direction as the refugees run onwards as if they are being whipped. In the precious ten seconds that it takes me to reach the end of the line, I’ve finished chanting a spell.

At the very end of the lines, I see a white-skinned young man with a large build who is obviously of a different race from the Shulz. He is running on with tottering steps with an old granny on his back and also pulling along a child in one hand.

The “Help!” was obviously directed towards me.

In such a pressing situation, calling out to a suspicious person wearing a black robe on a horse cantering through mid-air to ask for help — does that mean he has a good eye for people or not?


The single Shadow Demon at the front of the Legion makes a sudden leap towards that young man. The tip of the spear glints dully……



Jumping down from his Phantom Horse, Leid’s greatsword horizontally bisects the Shadow Demon.

There is no strategy or anything. The only thing moving them is their vindictive desire to bury their weapons into the first despised human that they can reach.



But because of a certain rock-like giant warrior, the jet-black tide cannot lay even a finger on their target.

With a large build more than 2 meters in height, Leid spins with great force, slicing apart any Shadow Demons that come into range.

Before, I had confirmed with [Sense of Adept] that Leid’s relative D&B level is 21.

By D&B standards, he had already long surpassed human boundaries, possessing enough battle strength to go toe-to-toe with dragons and cyclops. No matter how vicious or cruel they are, these Small Demons of Level 1 or 2 cannot do anything even if they gather in the hundreds (though there is still the issue of exhaustion).

However, regardless of how strong he is, there is a limit to what a single person can do.

Several hundred Shadow Demons surge on pass Leid on his left and right, aiming for the young man at the back, as well as the other Shulz at the end of the line.

Or so they intend to, but here is where the spell that I had finished chanting comes into effect.


Two roars resound with enough force to make everyone’s eardrums vibrate.

In accompaniment with explosions and shockwaves, two pillars of flame descend from the sky.



These are the Fire Breaths released by the two Large Red Dragons that I had created with [Create All Monster] in mid-flight.

This spell enables the caster to create a batch of monsters with levels corresponding to the caster’s own cumulative level. Rather than a single Huge Dragon higher than Level 30, in this case it is more effective to create two Level 18 Large Dragons. And my expectation is proved correct.


Thanks to the two dragons flying freely through the sky and letting out Fire Breaths that each reduces several tens of Shadow Demons to cinders, the Legion is whittled down at a visible pace.

Of course, I’ve already ordered them to prioritize attacking the ones closing in on the refugees, so there are still no casualties so far.

“By means of this spell, may there be a fireball 8m in width that would burn my enemies to nothing. [Fireball]”

“ “GyaaAAA!” ”

Even with Leid and the two dragons rampaging about, the Shadow Demons’ numbers are still too great. The Shadow Demons that have managed to slip past sword and breath are still gripped more by hatred against humans than fear against the dragons, and thus still trying to catch up to the refugees.

It is my role to take care of these stragglers.

Unexpectedly, this is my first time using this spell since coming to this world, even though it is so iconic of D&B wizards.

As it is a Level 3 spell, it isn’t of much use in high level scenarios. But now that I see it like this, fireballs the size of a small house enveloping Shadow Demons makes for a pretty incredible sight.

“…… They’ve scattered quite a bit…… [Mana Bolt].”

The Shadow Demons’ attention is focused on the dragons and refugees, so they have no leisure to pay heed to the single person on a horse flying here and there above their heads. Thanks to that, I can freely use my spells.

[Mana Bolt] is a Level 1 spell that creates literal arrows made of mana. However, the number of arrows is proportional to the caster’s level. When I use the spell, 18 arrows shoot out and pursue separate Shadow Demons, riddling them with holes.


“…… Are there still anymore?”

By the time the 30 minute duration of [Create All Monster] wore off, every single member of the Legion is either all sliced up or mere cinders.

Right before the dragons disappeared, I had them search the nearby area for Shadow Demons, but there are no more to be found.

“Well done.”

“…… I merely did the job I’m originally supposed to do.”

I land next to Leid, who is now all covered with fresh Shadow Demon blood.

Awawa…… Awawa……”

The other Phantom Horse also lands, but Agbeil’s eyes are wide open with fear.

…… I don’t know if this was what the Duke was hoping for, but oh well, I’m sure this was a good experience for him.


We proceed forward and catch up to the Shulz to find them resting at a removed place.

…… Or rather, seeing as how they are collapsed on the ground with sheer exhaustion, ‘dropped to the ground from having reached the limit of their stamina’ would be much more accurate.

To not surprise them, I dismount from my Phantom Horse, then walk towards them while waving a hand in a friendly manner.


“Demon God-sama!”

“It’s Demon God-sama who summons dragons!”

The majority of the refugees are women and children and elderly, but all of them scramble to press their faces against the ground in prostration.

“Ahh, wait a moment, wait a moment! It’s fine!”

“Don’t panic, everyone! He’s not a Demon God.”

The young man from before and Dianu both try hard to soothe them, but it still takes quite a while before I can finally talk to them properly.

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