Chapter 80 – One on One Duel

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“Hey, Leid-kun.”

“…… What.”

“Is this Shulz tribe a branch family of the War Tribe?”

“Never heard of them before.”

“But it seems like the War Tribe’s miko and these guys’ Mystic are saying the same thing?”

“Like I know. Maybe you really are Shadow Demon or Demonist?”

With the [Wall of Force] in between, the Shulz female warrior Dianu and we are facing each other.

The ‘proclamation’ that came out of her mouth was almost the exact same content as what I had heard from the War General Kanbelis just recently.

Feeling fed up rather than surprised, I could not help but to poke the large body next to me with an elbow.

Elizabel is still hiding in that Leid’s shadow. Although she has a questioning look on her face, she doesn’t butt in. In exchange, she is straining her ears, and observing everyone on both sides with wide-open eyes.

“This seems too well down to be a coincidence.”

“Eh. Claura-san?!”

“…… Umu……”

Irudo is surprised at Claura’s ruminative murmur, but I nod in agreement.

“Based on this, it seems to me that there is an agenda to set Margils up as a Shadow Demon.”

“…… That might very well be true.”

From the side of this world’s common sense, when prophecies and proclamations pop up saying the same thing, then that would be accepted as the truth.

But Claura flatly denies that possibility, then shares what she imagines to be the most likely scenario. Even though I myself am still not sure of my own innocence.

“Oi you bastard! How long are you going to continue whispering among yourselves! I answered your questions already so get out here already!”

On the other side, the Martial Chief earnestly pounds on the wall.

From her point of view, because I’m a Shadow Demon or Demonist, so she probably wants very much to kill me as soon as possible.

However, from my point of view, I had originally intended on just peacefully chasing them away, but now I cannot do that anymore.

By all possible means, I now want to have a detailed talk with her. To be honest, I want to go straight to that ‘Mystic’ that she mentioned and question that person in detail, but I can’t very well dive into hostile territory with Elizabel and Fablu in tow.

“Aniki, why doesn’t Margils-sama just call giants or meteors and just get rid of these guys?”

“I know, right. Margils-sama can do it in just one blow, right?”

While I am thinking quickly as Dianu continues being noisy, I also hear the conversation between Ted and the three soldiers protecting Fablu.

“What are you guys saying. Margils-sama has his own thoughts, alright?”

“What are his thoughts, then? They only have numbers, it’s like a fight between an adult and a child……”

“And I’m saying that that’s a really shallow way of thinking. When an adult fights with a child, the adult won’t suddenly use his full strength, right?”

…… Fumu, I see, adult and child huh. Not just age-wise, but also in terms of our respective fighting strength.

When an adult fights with a child, he either purposely loses to the child, or else he uses the pressure of an adult to shut the child up without even getting into the same ring. When having a fair fight is not an option, I mean.

“I’ve had just about enou—”

With blood vessels becoming visible on her forehead, Dianu seems about to draw her sword again. At that moment, I raise a single hand.

“I have a proposal. This will be the last.”

“………… Let’s hear it. If it’s something stupid, I’ll smash you along with this wall.”

“You, me, one on one duel.”

“…… Hah?”

“Wai-, Margils?!”

My allies seem even more surprised than the Shulz.

As Claura is about to say something, I raise a palm to stop her.

“If you win, then you can have my head. If I win, you will become my prisoner.”

“Me…… and you? Not that big lump, or that sexy lady?”

“That’s right, I will be your opponent.”

Big lump and sexy lady…… Leid and Leiha look respectively look irked and raring to go, but I shake my head.

“…… Sure, alright! When I win, I’ll have your head! I’ll at least let your friends run away, so you can let yourself be cut by me with peace of mind!”

“That would be a great help. I, too, promise to not lay hands on your friends.”

“Is that guy an idiot? Does he really think that he can win against Hime…… against our Martial Chief?”

“He’s just going to become rust on the Divine Sword’s blade……”

The silver-haired female warrior agrees delightedly…… more like, relievedly.

The surrounding Shulz warriors must also have a lot of faith in her strength, as they are also acting like the fight was already won in their favor.

After confirming the terms of the fight, I stoop so as to get out of the [Wall of Force] through the prepared opening. As I do so, I accidentally exchange glances with Elizabel, who is peering out from Leid’s shadow.

“…… You, will be fine, right?”

She only knows a small portion of my power. Her face tells me that she is struggling with whether she should be worried or not.

Come to think of it, she’s currently entrusting her life to someone who she barely knows who is jumping straight into the tiger’s mouth. Must be pretty hard for her too.

“Don’t worry, this’ll be over soon.”


Without thinking, I reach out with a hand and pat her head a few times. I can’t really call this the gentlemanly attitude of an ally of equal standing, though.

“Ah, sorry, sorry. Anyways, just stay there and enjoy the show.”

“He’s right. When it comes to this man, it’s only a waste of time to worry about him losing or dying.”

“……! ……!”

Claura kindly hugs Elizabel from behind, drawing her backwards.

…… Is what I think is supposed to happen, as I’m sure that Claura’s arms being positioned strangely close to Elizabel’s respiratory tract is just me overthinking things.

“Sorry for the wait.”

“……Yea, I’ve been waiting……”

As the force field is transparent, she has no way of knowing whether I’ve actually left the area of its effect. However, after I have taking sufficient distance from my allies, she addresses me with what almost sounds like a purr from her throat.

Gio Margils has Mid Rank in Quarterstaff fighting. By D&B standards, this is about the same proficiency as that of a Level 4 to 12 Warrior.

Of course, this ranking is purely in terms of proficiency with a quarterstaff — my hitpoints and armor points are far from that of an actual Warrior.

As for myself, I have absolutely zero knowledge of actual martial arts. However, after being made to participate in practice sessions with the Carbanera Knight Order, and also from seeing Leid and Leiha fighting from up close, I believe I have cultivated a fairly discerning eye for warriors.

According to this eye of mine, the skill of this Shulz female warrior is…… well, she’s weaker than Leid and Leiha. Which means it’ll be fine.

“Sorry about that. Alright, let’s get started. Come at me any time.”

I simply stand in place without taking any stance, but beckon with my hand to provoke her.

“The likes of a magician…… looking down on me……”

She draws the Divine Sword from its scabbard, holding it upright.

The rainbow-colored aura covering the silvery white blade is shining stronger and brighter than before. The light reaching towards the skies in what looks like a swaying dance indeed conjures up thoughts of a snake.

“…… By means of this spell……”

Considering the moment she drew her sword to be the start of the duel, I immediately begin chanting.

It will take 10 seconds until the spell activates.

Of course, that’s enough time for her to hit me with that rainbow-colored Divine Sword more than ten times over.


Shouting the warcry unique to the Sulz, she kicks the ground.



Her sword’s downward swing is stopped by something roughly 30cm above my head.

[Invisible Demon].

Normally, this spell is for attacking purposes, such as to pursue a fleeing enemy or to kill a target. However, as the usage is to “bind an invisible demon to my will for an extended period of time and have it obey one order,” it is still extremely effective when used defensively like this.

This time, my order is to “block any attack that would hit me.”

Incidentally, before we arrived at this ruined village, I’ve cast this spell not only on myself, but also on Elizabel and Fablu.

“You bastard! This! What the hell is this?!”

The silver-haired female warrior brandishes her sword with an expression of rage, releasing cutting attacks from above and below and every which way.

However, the Divine Sword does not touch me even once. Every time it gets close, the invisible demon blocks or repels it.

The demon is Level 14. Attacks from any normal warrior wouldn’t be able to deal even a tiny bit of damage to it, however amazing the sword they use. Conversely, against someone like Leid, the demon would be annihilated after receiving only the first blow.

In this case, the demon is gradually being weakened, which speaks to how Dianu’s strength is actually quite a ways beyond common sense.

In actual fact, it’s taking a bit out of me to withstand that beast-like glare and killing intent.

If I hadn’t seen a top-notch warrior like Leid and the exceptional hatred of the Shadow Demons up close, my feet trembling would have been the least of my worries here.

“…… avatar of lightning and storms and the sea…… and be under my control for 30 minutes. [Create All Monster]”

However, I have finished chanting.

An extraordinary sense of oppression suddenly begins emanating from quite a ways above my head.

In actual fact, there is a huge shadow covering me, Dianu, and even all the Shulz warriors.


A roar that is high-pitched, heavy, and causes everyone to quiver in their shoes. It seems to be coming down from the sky.

“What…… on…… earth……?!”

Dianu looks upward. The Shulz warriors look upward. Even my allies look upward.

What they see reflected in their eyes is an enormous blue figure crashing down behind me, causing a small earthquake with its landing.


Dianu’s line of sight drops to a spot behind me, then gradually rises again.

What her eyes, and that of everyone present except for mine, behold……

…… is the silhouette of a Level 32 monster, Huge Blue Dragon of Purple Lightning.

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