Chapter 63 – The Castle’s Guests

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In order to send that letter to her great-aunt, Claura immediately set off for Lelis.

Her cooperation would indeed be a grateful thing to have, but because of this I am going to be without the human resource that is Claura for the 8+ days the round trip would require.

Claura will be hiring an adventurer to deliver the letter, but it will be probably be months before we receive a reply.

“Without Claura here, it’s going to be hard to do a lot of things…… or wait, not really?”

She is extremely important in that she becomes the person in charge when Irudo and I are both gone, but normally she doesn’t really have any duties around here.

In the first place, she’s here as a research student from the Magician’s Guild, so her main duty is supposed to be learning golem creation techniques alongside the former magic soldier trainees……

In terms of the actual running of the castle, Mora is far more indispensable than Claura.

Jiiteias Castle’s cleaning, food, laundry, and maintenance of everyday goods. Every single one of these tasks are so important that the castle would fall apart if they are not performed, and she is directing them all.

I think that this volume of work is too heavy for a 14 year old girl, but every time I spot her, she is happily swinging a mop or kitchen knife, making entries into the account book, or giving out instructions to the servants. In actual fact, due to her efforts we are indeed living very comfortably.

With her and Irudo present, everyone in the General Affairs department of my company would have been without a job…… is what I’m thinking with a chuckle as I step out into the central courtyard.

Several ropes had been set up between the main tower and the residential hall, on which are numerous freshly-washed sheets and tablecloths and the like. Up to a while ago, I had been hearing Mora and the others’ voices while in my personal room in the tower, so I’d come down. However, it seems like the work has already been finished.

When I look around, I spot Mora sitting on a bench placed against the wall of the residential hall.

“She’s asleep, it seems.”

The young girl is leaning against the wall and sleeping peacefully.

It is almost certain that this is from overwork. With no intention of waking her up, I simply sit next to her without making a sound.

Her official position is Head Maid, but the only maids are the dark elf sisters, who are also concurrently tasked with the castle’s inner and outer security. In substance, the servant couple Sam and Anna and the young carpenter Zek are the ones who are actually carrying out the castle’s inner tasks.

When Irudo returns, he’s going to be together with the soldiers that he’s hired. When it comes to that, the load will definitely become too much for her. After the soldiers are here, I’m going to need to immediately discuss with him about increasing the number of servants and maids.

…… And such is the current situation. But though it pains me, I have one more thing I need to ask her to do.

As I look around while sitting on this bench, the War Tribe members working hard at making camp comes into my line of sight.

In consideration of the length of its walls, Jiieteias Castle has very few buildings inside, which means that its central courtyard is quite spacious. It seems that they’ve staked out 20% of that space as their own territory.

They’ve all taken off their grotesque horn- and blade-decorated armor, which allows me to see that all of them are tattooed with strange designs.

“Though it really does pain me……”

I unconsciously murmur to myself while my eyes follow the largest one among them — Head Warrior Leid — as they go about their work.

Nn…… Umm, is there something you need me to do?”

It seems that Mora had heard me. After letting out a small yawn, she corrects her posture.

“Indeed. I’m sorry to trouble you, but I want those guys, the War Tribe members, to be served the same food as us. Also, their water and change of clothes and everyday goods supplies as well.”

Hai, no problem! Immediately beginning with tonight’s dinner, we’ll make portions for all those people too.”

These people have been garrisoned here under the pretext of monitoring me. Despite War General Kanbelis’ words, I’m sure their hostility and mistrust would not be dispelled so easily. On the other hand, the first impression from Claura and the others’ side was also the worst.

However, I don’t have the leisure care about such things. If I am to continue fighting Shadow Demons, it is an absolute necessity for me to build a cooperative relationship with them.

I had expected to need to lay all this out in order to convince her to help me, but Mora simply nods without any hesitation whatsoever. She is shining so brightly that I can’t help but to avert my gaze.

“I’m sure it will be hard, but please keep at it for a while longer. I’m going to hire more servants and maids as soon as I can.”

“This much alone is not hard at all! Gio-san is working so hard on so much bigger things, like the world and the Shadow Demons.”

“Is that so…… Thank you.”

She is also, in her own way, doing everything in her power for my sake. At the moment, I have no choice but to depend heavily on her like this, but one day, I will definitely make her happy.

…… I feel sorry towards Irudo, but perhaps this is what it feels like to have a daughter.


“As long as I’m in the castle, all of you will not be inconvenienced.”

“You won’t win us over with something like that. But well, you have our thanks.”

So I declared while looking up at Leid, the currently half-naked man who towers far above me.

Not that I care, but the bridge of his nose is straight, and the area around his eyes is crisp. He’s handsomer than I’d expected. Not that I care though.

Leid still looks very wary, and the other War Tribe members are exchanging glances after hearing my offer. I am fully aware that there is still a huge gulf between us.

“The food at my castle is delicious, alright? Look forward to it.”

After lightly tapping Leid’s arm, which is literally as thick as a log, I leave their camp.

Next is to negotiate with the dwarves.


“To think that the War Tribe would have their eye on you, what a misfortune it is!”

So said Valbo, the clan head of the Daroun clan, as we sat together in the castle hall.

Their attitude is that without being properly judged to be a Shadow Demon, merely being suspected is of no import.

“I apologize for having even caused trouble for you all. At the very least, please allow me to add a little extra to your payment for this job.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it! Or at least, that’s what I want to say, but if someone’s giving us gold, we’d never turn it down!”

It seems that they are in good spirits.

“Speaking of which, we heard from Irudo that you’re thinking of some outrageous job, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I want to open a trade route from this castle to Battleaxe Village. Will you lend me your help?”

“You can bet on it! It’s been a long while since we’ve had a job worth doing, our hands are just itching to get started! …… But.”


Valbo lifts his moustache-covered face and looks at me as if testing me. In contrast to the time with Leid, I’m now looking downwards, but I’d heard that it’s insulting to crouch in front of a dwarf, so I merely prompt him to finish his thought.

“It should be obvious, but it will require a stupidly crazy amount of capital and time. Irudo mentioned it briefly, but…… you have something in mind for that?”

“Indeed I do. Allow me to show you now.”


“As I am unlearned in these matters, correct me if I’m wrong, but the greatest cost in terms of labor and time for this job would be the felling of the trees in the forest, is that right?”

“You got that right. Next highest costs, as we’ll be laying out a road in these mountains, will be the clearing of the land and the transporting of construction material.”

I am currently outside the gates of Jiiteias Castle together with the dwarves.

After hearing Valbo’s reply, I nod, then begin chanting a spell.

“…… So you’re the one……”

My Inner World self is currently staring intently at the black door right in front…… this Door of Wizardry.

Up to now, I had thought of this as the source of Gio Margils’ power. It used to be the most reliable thing ever, but now it reflects in my eyes as a symbol of ill omen.

“No, that’s not right…… What happens could very well be up to me. This is not a focal point that calls forth Shadow Demons, but my Door of Wizardry.”

Placing my hand over the door and tracing its characteristic engravings, I murmur out loud as if to convince myself.

Despite that, I still feel slightly nervous as I descend the spiral staircase and head for the archive on the 7th Floor. As I release the power of chaos sealed within one of the books there, my real world self finishes chanting.

“By means of this spell, may 3 Forest Giants be created and be under my control for 1 hour. [Create Monster]”

Nn? Nnn?”

The air in front of us distorts, and from that area gigantic figures ooze into view. During that time, the dwarves’ originally narrowed eyes grow wide enough to seemingly be in danger of having their eyeballs fall out.

Uo…… UOOOOOO……!”

“Gi-, gi- gia-……”

“Magic? Is this illusionary magic?!”

“I must have drunk too much……”


In representation of all the stunned dwarves, Valbo grabs the hem of my robe and pulls it.

In front of us, there are now 3 men — Forest Giants — more than 8m tall wearing leather armor and standing at ease.

“These are Forest Giants. They are existences that I created just now with a spell. They would listen to anything I order them to do, which means I can order them to carry out your instructions.”

“Wha-, what a…… You mean to say that we can use these to work on the construction?!”

“Indeed. If needed, I can make 6 more right now. Tomorrow and onwards, I can prepare 27 of them. But I actually want to leave some room to use other spells, so I would appreciate it very much if you guys can make do with only 9 every day.”

The Level 7 spell [Create Monster] is, exactly as its name says, a spell that creates monsters into the caster’s employ.

However, only normal monsters can be summoned — no undead, no demons, and no races that possess unique abilities.

The number and level of monsters that can be summoned through one usage of the spell cannot be higher than the caster’s level. In my case, I’m Level 36, so I can summon 36 x Level 1, 3 x Level 12, 1 x Level 10 and 2 x Level 13, etc. The combination can be freely adjusted.

Forest Giants are Level 12, so it’s just perfect.

“…… By means of this spell, may the effects of the spell [Create Monster] be extended. [Infinity]”

I then applied the effects of the Level 8 spell [Infinity].

[Create Monster] is an incredibly useful spell, but its maximum duration is only 1 hour. However, [Infinity] is able to prolong the effects of another specified spell.

If it is a low level spell, then it could cause it to practically last forever. For high level spells, it increases the ‘unit’ of its time duration.

In other words, if the unit of the duration was in ‘seconds,’ then it becomes ‘minutes.’ ‘Hours’ turns to ‘days.’

With this, these Forest Giants will continue to exist and be useable for an entire day.

Almost as if these Forest Giants are already aware of their mission, what they are carrying over their shoulders are not any normal weapons.

Even this part can be customized by the caster, so this spell is seriously really useful.

“Since the aim is to clear the forest and level the ground, I’ve equipped them with axe, pickaxe, and hoe, as you can see. If anything else is needed, just say the word. I can change it starting tomorrow. So…… how is it?”

Oh wa wa…… u, o, ooOOOHHHAH!”

Upon seeing the three Forest Giants respectfully kneeling before us, Valbo’s utterances of astonishment gradually turn into resounding laughter.

“Uhahaha! Gahaha! How unconventional! Borrowing the strength of giants to do construction work, this is the very pinnacle of unconventionality! But you know what!”

His eyes are glittering so brightly with ambition that I can almost feel his gaze boring into me.

“With them holding such huge-ass tools, we can’t very do well a normal construction job. The ancestors of our Daroun clan will never allow it, and neither will I!”

Seeing that some of the other dwarves are still looking daunted, Valbo pumps his fist into the air in fierce encouragement.

“We’re gonna do it! The best construction job ever! At the fastest speed! With the highest quality! At the lowest cost! A shiny road stretching from this castle to Battleaxe Village, and even connecting it to the Road of Law! DAROUN!”


“Chief! Count me in!”


I had merely thought “oh hey, this would be great if it would work,” but it seems that I have totally set their hearts as architects on fire.

With them like this, I think I can also eventually get them to help expand the castle and install a proper bath.

While grinning broadly at the memory of an enjoyable Japanese-style bathtub, I cheerfully wave my hand at my staff and the War Tribe members who had rushed to the castle walls and lookouts at the dwarves’ shouts.

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