Chapter 45 – Lord of Wanderers

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It was three of the parties in the investigative group under Sedam’s command that managed to catch the dark elf.

It’s been a while since I last saw the members of Sedam’s party: the warrior priest Torad, the scout Fijika, and the warriors Ted and Jiruk.

They did a commendable job.

With the full support of the Thief’s Guild and city guards, they had set up an encircling net that could literally have caught any criminal. On top of that, they even proactively investigated.

In the end, after identifying the dark elves’ hiding place as a certain abandoned underground cemetery, a general force of around 200 people composed of adventurers, thieves, and city guards was mobilized in the capture operation.

As expected, there were indeed 5 dark elves taking refuge there, but due to one of them interfering with terrifying fighting skills and magic, only that one dark elf was captured.

Letting 4 out of 5 get away even after mobilizing 200 people sounds bad, but judging from Sedam’s and the adventurers’ expressions, most of them seem quite satisfied with this result.

That is a testament to how highly a dark elf’s skill in espionage and assassination is valued in this world. Or feared, it could also be said.


The female dark elf who was brought to a room in the Adventurer’s Guild is still marred by wounds that bear witness to the fierce battle that had led to her capture. Both of her hands and feet are tightly tied up with restraints, and even her mouth is gagged.

From time to time, a small moan escapes her lips, but she does not seem to have regained consciousness yet.

I recognize her light purple hair and chiselled facial features. There is no doubt that she is the dark elf who I identified with [Psycometry] as the one who tried to poison me.

But all that aside……

“Why is there so much skin exposure?”

She is wearing a tight outfit suitable for thieves and assassins, but the exposure at her back and about her thighs and chest area is way too bold.

If I have to put this into the perspective of modern Japan, it’s not quite to the degree where it would be described as “excessive exposure” when compared to light novels, but for this world where women generally do not show much skin in front of other people……

“Where. Are. You. Looking. At?”

“Ow ow ow ow!”

Claura, who is standing behind me, smiles while pulling on my earlobe.

Not good, not good.

In Japan, there was even a case where a man was accused of sexual harassment just for pointing out to a female colleague that her nametag was crooked.

In the first place, this person is a criminal who fed the Council Chairman and me poison and tried to kidnap Mora. It is no time to be distracted by her appearance.


“Should we slap her awake and immediately begin questioning her, Margils-sama?”

So asks Shaup-kun with a broad grin. Oh right, he’s managed to safely reincarnate back into a human. However, he is taking extreme care to be even more respectful than Jiruk and the others.

“The opponent is a dark elf. There’s no way questioning would work.”

“So, torture then?”

“That’s an option.”

The people currently in this room (aside from Claura) are the party leaders. From their expressions, I understand that the existence of dark elves are indeed quite hated. I also fully understand that there is no such concept in this world as treating prisoners well.

But be that as it may.

Having been born in modern Japan, I cannot allow torture on my watch, be the opponent an ossan or a criminal.

“I shall be the one to talk to her. Apologies, but can everyone aside from Sedam…… everyone aside from Sedam and Claura please step outside?”


All the adventurers file out, leaving behind myself, Sedam, and a Claura who is staring razor sharp daggers. The silence in the room is only interrupted by the seductive sound of the dark elf breathing through her gag.

I ask Sedam to prop her torso up and remove her gag.

“…… Are you alright?” (Gio)

“……~……” (Leiha)

As I kneel and gently shake her shoulder, the dark elf slowly raises her face.

“……” (Leiha)

“I am the wizard Gio Margils. Do your wounds hurt?” (Gio)

“……” (Leiha)

She sluggishly shakes her head without saying anything. I peer into her golden pupils, but see no sign of any will inside.

If this was anime or manga, I would have already concluded “this woman is clearly brainwashed!” on the spot.

But honestly speaking, if I consider that her consciousness is being controlled through some means, then it might explain why [Detect Enemy] did not react even when she was trying to poison me.

“What is your name?” (Gio)

“…… Leihanaluka Heikreuz Ruu……” (Leiha)

“Lei…… what?” (Gio)

“I believe the first is her personal name, the middle is her clan name, and the last is her professional title.” (Sedam)

“You would know.” (Claura)

Somewhere along the way, it’s become a routine for Claura to give Sedam a jab whenever he shows off his extensive knowledge.

“Soo, um, Leihanaluka? Do you understand the words that I am saying?” (Gio)

“……I …… do not understand……” (Leiha)

“This person, has she been drugged……?” (Claura)

“That is a possibility.” (Sedam)

It seems that both Sedam and Claura can also feel that her state is not normal. Despite being able to hear our conversation, her eyes still look vacant.

“Are there magic spells for manipulating someone’s mind? Or perhaps, medication or hypnotism……” (Gio)

“Such a detestable magic is what I’d expect to be in a dark elf’s repertoire. However, I don’t see any magic currently affecting her.” (Claura)

“The possibility of medication remains. But that time when she was fighting to help her nakama escape, she did not look under the influence of anything……” (Sedam)

So, it’s not magic.

Is it really medication then? But even when I use the Medical Ring to detoxify all poison and cure all diseases, there is no change.

Furthermore, when I try to read her mind with the ESP Medal, all I get is a thick, heavy fog.

We might have to just conclude that this is either a magic that Claura has never seen before, or that this is hypnotism.

But then again, there is always the possibility that this is all an act.

“How about entrusting her to the Temple and letting them slowly heal her? Or perhaps some torture first?” (Sedam)

“We can’t exactly wait that long, right? Torture is out of the question, but as things currently stand, her remaining allies and employer could already be making plans to flee the city.” (Claura)

She is entirely right.

Worse case scenario, I might have to cast [Greater Mind Control] to overwrite whatever she has in place. Even if this is all an act, it wouldn’t matter.

But before going that far, let’s try just one more spell, even though I doubt it would do anything.

“By means of this spell, may all evil affecting this person’s mind by purified. [Curse Break]” (Gio)

This is a spell that thoroughly erases any and all curses and evil spirits.

A soft, white light emanates from the palm of my hand and shines on the dark elf’s erotic face and body.

After my experience at the Magician’s Guild, I am convinced that this world’s magic and my wizardry draw from completely different sources. Consequently, I really don’t think spells like [Dispel Magic] or [Curse Break] would be of any help. But……

“Ah.” (Leiha)

The dark elf, whose back is still being supported by Sedam, begins to shiver and gasp.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” (Leiha)

With her face scrunched up, her body wriggles around with her tongue sticking out stiffly.

“Oi, what did you do?” (Sedam)

“Wait, you……?!” (Claura

“Wh-, what’s wrong…… uoh!?” (Gio)

As I try to peer into her face to ascertain her obviously unnatural state, her tanned body jerks upward, then falls against mine.

Caught off balance by the sudden weight, I fall flat on my butt, but manage to hold her up with both hands.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Leiha)

In accompaniment with her shriek, a strange black ‘mist’ exudes from every part of her body, then seems to burn up and disappear.

Most likely, [Curse Break] really did take effect, and something has just been purified from her.

While I am thinking such things dazedly, the dark elf in my arms lifts her face.

“I, I…… Ahh, I was……” (Leiha)

“Are you alright? Do you feel strange anywhere?” (Gio)

Her pupils, which were previously golden, are now a transparent purple. That’s probably an indication that her previous state, be it brainwashing or possession or hypnotism, must have been lifted.

Her bewitching features looking like she’s waking up from a bewildering dream is extremely erotic.

If this was acting, then it is really, really good. But I haven’t lived so many years for nothing. I have had to sit through many a sexual harassment seminar.

Which is why my eyes are firmly fixed on her own, without straying anywhere else. The places where I am touching to support her are also all safe zones.

“…… Are you, the master, of that Power…… the Power that destroyed…… the, demon, inside me?”

“Indeed, I believe so.”

“Is, that so. If that is the case, in that case, I…… I am no longer Ruu [Head of Assassins]……”

“…… What does that mean?”

“From this moment on, I am Leihanaluka Heikreuz Shi. I will be your Shi [One Who Serves]…… and you will be my Master, Oluri [Lord of Wanderers].”

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