Officially looking for people to pick up my series

Hi everyone. As y’all probably already know, I can’t continue this website anymore.

Thank you to everyone who helped to be a part of the great community on here! There’s still a chance I might see you guys again soon, we’ll see.

But for now, I am opening the gates for those who want to pick up a series, any series, that I was doing. BUT I want you to send me an email with the next chapter in the series that you want to pick up before Wednesday, 10 October 10am GMT+8. I will announce on here who I’ll be entrusting to carry on the torch on Sunday 14 October. As long as you submit it on time, it would not be first come first serve.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

56 thoughts on “Officially looking for people to pick up my series


    Thanks for all your hardwork, Tenshi-sama, your choice of novels were really my cup of tea.

    Wherever you end up, I hope the blessing of Truck-san be with you.


  2. well, I’m doing it mostly for the experience and the helping me to improve my grammar. dam, it hard to translate when you’re bad at both original text and the translated text.


    • Hey zixin3, I put up a free wordpress site you can use if you want. Sent you a message/convo on elyssiamc forum with the details.


  3. I didn’t know what you were talking about in your release for evil organization, but I just actually shed a tear. I wish I had the skills and the timeline to do some of these, but I’d have to stop in a few months so it would be a bad idea.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done!


  4. Man good luck in whatever you do from now on, thoroughly enjoyed shadows and its one of the VERY few novels I looked forward to on a daily basis, bottom line, Thank you


  5. If you didn’t use this for monetary purposes then there won’t be a problem translating it, it is after all a FAN translation most translators get away with simply translating and not getting any money from doing it, but i guess being greedy can be a minus… have a good life.


  6. I guess we have to read with google translation then. To be power in the shadow and Secret Org are too good, but it picky for people.

    Lots of translation group out there won’t picked up these series, they only care about half-baked isekai harem novels.


  7. People sure thinking ‘Power in the shadow’ just a unknown WN so they won’t pick to trans. But with it popularity, it will get LN, manga, anime in about 1-2 years.


  8. So To Be A Power In The Shadows! is gone? tenshi isn’t translating anymore and no one is going to pick it up :(((????i saw 113 chapter but no chapter 114 sad life bro


  9. Oh… And I just finished binge reading To Be A Power in The Shadows. Sigh… I was getting really hyped up for what happens next. Still, thanks for all your hard work. I hope someday you can come back to continue translating, or if at the very least someone as skilled as you can continue translating Shadows.


  10. Thanks Tenshi Sensei! I’ll miss your posts 🙂 Don’t know if you’ll read this, but this story really helped me forget some sad things for a while.


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