OreMegane Ch 10

First of the final three.

(Guess the secret of his glasses would never be revealed on here 😅) Not gonna spoil it though, in case someone picks up the series later.

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Download (available next Sun, 30 Sep)

9 thoughts on “OreMegane Ch 10

  1. Can I ask until when is the site open, and what happens to the chapters afterwards?
    I know I’m being optimistic into thinking that we can still access the old chapters for nostalgic reasons but I’m hopeful


    • Also, and I cannot stress it enough, thank you for everything. I’ve been reading your translations ever since you started translating the Wizard, and I sincerely hope that you would not let this setback stop you from translating.


  2. Out of contextly borrowing the MC’s words, “… clearly and vividly and distinctively looking around my surroundings, I come to terms with it.”


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