Bad News (Sorry guys)

Hi there guys. Major announcement (obviously).

Firstly, I’m really sorry, I was out of commission for about a week or so. It’s my bad, and I feel absolutely terrible about it. Let me explain what happened.

I’ll start by reiterating that I really do love spreading the joy of lightening up someone’s day with a new chapter from an awesome series.

But due to a certain situation on my side (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to reveal it yet or not), I am going to have to give up this site, because I can no longer do anything that might become a legal liability. This past week was me trying really hard to make it work, and then me being depressed when nothing worked. The only way I would be able to continue is if the authors gave me permission, but upon contacting them, all of them said their contracts with their Japanese publishers included all the rights for foreign translations (even Secret Org, whose publication isn’t even publicly announced yet), so they couldn’t say yes.

Rejection after rejection after rejection. Boy was I depressed.

It makes it worse that I’d only just recently started the new series, started looking into the Twitch, started Discord, started Patreon. It kinda felt like this is where things are going to take off or something, and then BAM.

I kept thinking that I’ll tell you guys tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, until somewhere along the way it became that I have to apologize for being MIA, and the guilt just made me more and more fearful. I couldn’t even bring myself to read those @’s that you guys were awesome enough to send me on Discord (I am really touched for them, but I’m so sorry). But you wonderful people have a right to closure, and I really don’t want to ghost on you guys (again), so I’ve gathered myself back together, and here we are.

So, this is what’s going to happen from here on.

I’m going to do 1 more chapter of OreMegane and MotoKimama, just to get them to a nice, round 10 chapters total. I’ll also do just 1 more chapter of Secret Org to finish off the prologue.

Releases will be today, tomorrow, then day after. 10am GMT+8, as usual.

After that, I welcome anyone to pick up any of the projects I was working on. That includes Shadows. (Though hold off on that until I confirm that I’m dropping it first. I’ll update y’all when I know for sure. Send me an email if you want to pick any of them up.)

Of course, I will also be shutting down my Patreon (gotta make sure to do it before the next billing). Send me an email if you want a refund, I’ll understand.

Thank you guys for being on this wonderful ride together. We might see each other again at a later date, depending on how the situation on my side turns out. Until then, stay in the shadows. All hail!

126 thoughts on “Bad News (Sorry guys)

  1. Happiness flies away on the wings of time and the sadness will take root and grow as a tree and lends its trunks to help overcome hardships together.


  2. Thanks for all of your hard works so far.
    While meetings & partings happened by chance, these instances do mean something in the face of eternity.


  3. sad to hear about that…. but am hoping the author of Shadows will let you continue….

    if not, why not choose some other titles? you don’t have to close shop… unless it has something to do with RL …. sad~


  4. tenshi sama, why are you seeking permission for translation from the publisher, all your works are from web novels right. Since it is unedited manual scrips should be okey as long as you inform the author. You can even don’t care about the author.


  5. Thanks for all the translations.
    I really appreciate your honesty, both to the authors and to us in revealing this matter.
    Best of luck to your future endeavours.


  6. Dang… I so look forward to these translations, too… oh, well. Thank you so much for your excellent work, and I hope to read your translations in the future. You pick amazingly good stuff! Good luck! 😭😁✌🏻


  7. that’s too bad, i really like your translations
    if you are gonna drop power in the shadow
    please don’t let As ia nH ob by pick it up
    I don’t read in his site because of the ads abuse by dividing chapters into multiple pages


      • No, there is a choice.
        I rather not read if it comes to that.
        Google translate might be a better choice for me then.
        If it was picked up by that guy, the chance of it being picked up by a better translator will be gone so please don’t wish for that.
        You do have a choice
        Don’t support the way he does things.


    • I neither like not hate AH. I’m just a leecher who don’t have a credit card. If I can support some translators by watching ads, then I’ll do that. Of course as long as I like the translation.


    • It might be really late but maybe it can be of use to you sometime later on. Just like with manga where aggregator sites like mangafox exist there are similar sites with LN and WN (for example and Those sites just copy multiple releases reupload them on their site. However, I don’t have that much experience with that type of site, so I can’t really tell you if they really have close to anything or how long it takes them to reupload the chapters you might be looking for


  8. Man I just readed this and my day just took a nosedive, I am sorry you won’t be able to keep providing us with such a great work, but I will thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderfull job you have done so far. Keep strong and I wish you the best in your future, what ever it is hold strong and keep on improving!!!!!!


  9. sigh.. really unfortunate but understandable. Especially Shadows, sigh..
    Anyway, thank you for all that you’ve done for us so far, I really appreciate and am grateful for what you’ve done, hopefully you can recover or be happy with your hobby or anything else if or after you stop ^_^.

    Once again, thank you! Good luck.!!


  10. Thank you for your translations and all of your efforts. After all you’ve done many great things for us readers. Just so you know, I’m sure almost everyoen here who have stayed on this site since the first chapters of Shadows and so on would’t be disappointed about this, and so you shouldn’t be depressed ok?
    And again, thanks for your high quality translations.


  11. Do what you have to Tenshi I ’ve waited a long time for you to come back after TRPG and I can wait longer. Just do you we’ll Be patient.


  12. Sorry to hear it, thanks for all your great work so far! Had a blast reading your translations of Power in the Shadows.

    Hope you’ll pick up something else in the future!


      • specially those who you think was only trying to give back to the community for years of leeching but no, they wanted money in the form of “Donations” seriously!


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